Limes & Lemons
  "We LOVE taking photos! We're from LA, it's amazing down there. Very warm and sunny, but we love Vancouver. Let us know when you come!"

Under the Red Umbrella


Under the Red Umbrella is a portrait series launched on Valentines Day to celebrate all the kinds of love in this world that bind us. On the day to day, it's easy to get wound up in the trials and tribulations of everything that occurs within our own bubbles - our own relationships - and to forget that others are not only experiencing the same lows, but also the same highs.

What we sought out to capture and communicate was that love and the pursuit of happiness is at the core of everything we do as human beings, and that we are rather united in that pursuit. Under the same umbrella. 

With the help of over twenty couples throughout the city, we were able to capture some very special and precious moments.