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In the middle of nowhere we found our solace

Windmills never looked as majestic as the ones standing gloriously in the middle of the desert just past the Gorge. So much so that we passed it once. Twice. Three times before finally turning around 12km down the road just to get another look. And a shot. 

They say it's all in the journey and those words don't speak louder than when you're in the car yourself. You've got the windows rolled down like they do in the movies but it's actually so damn loud and windy it's hurting your ears. So you roll them up maybe half way till it's comfortable as you're cruising on a hazy drive through towering pines. You're in a heart to heart conversation with the Pacific Northwest. Only it's small talk because three quarters of the way through your Spotify playlist your landscape transforms from grass to sand. And that's it. That's the moment that made us realize how fortunate we were to be living here. It was an observance of diversity - of change in one state alone, change in landscape, change in climate, change in the way people lived.

More than anything it was a reminder of the gifts we're given as human beings alive in this world at this time. We lose ourselves in our cities - in our work and in our technology. It was an awakening for the both of us on just one highway alone that mother nature has much in store for us, that life is about the seeking, the discovery, and the ongoing conversations with what is naturally already in front of us. 

Go on that journey. Take that ten hour road trip. Because those ten hours could be more rewarding than every little indulgence at your destination altogether. 



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