Limes & Lemons


When Life gives you a basket of limes and lemons...Just be happy that your basket is full

Limes & Lemons is a creative visual collaborative between two Vancouver-based twenty-somethings, Phoebe and Isabel.



Portrait / Headshots
Engagement / Wedding
corporate / commercial

videography + editing

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Limes & Lemons is versatile in both style and technique and we specifically tailor our work to capture and accomplish the visual expectations, mission and philosophy of our clients. 

Our work is diverse and at times explorative. We are in pursuit of both the traditional and the radical expressions of life through photography and love working with other passionate artists. This is why we actively indulge in collaborative opportunities that get our creative juices flowing. 

For us, working behind the camera means checking into some of our core passions: being a witness during life's fleeting moments, communicating ideas and appreciating our ever-changing physical environment. Together, we strive to use our cameras as the means to expression of stories yet to be told. 


Our combined portfolio includes
projects for brands such as: 

The City of Vancouver
Amara Blue Jewelry
Love Your Mornings
VMSL, Snipers F.C.
Russell Brewing Company
Krokodile Pear Juices
Fidelity Denim